Managing Mindsets Webinar Recording

At Purple Owl, we’re running a yearly series of webinars and open courses as part of our Leadership Development Programme.

Our third webinar of 2021 was on Managing Mindsets, and was led by Jessica Shields alongside Purple Owl’s Tim Osborn.

In this webinar we looked at how leaders can manage mindsets in the workplace. We took a practical look on how to best lead remotely and provided some useful tips.

The webinar’s learning objectives are around:

  • What is a mindset?
  • How do I understand my mindset and those of the people around me?
  • How do I improve my mindset?

You can view an entire recording of the webinar on YouTube below:

Purple Owl’s Managing Mindsets remote learning course kicks off in early March 2021. If you’re looking for help with your mindset, sign up here.

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