Managing Mental Health Webinar Recording

At Purple Owl, we’re running a yearly series of online webinars and open courses as part of our Leadership Development Programme.

To kickstart 2021, we asked guest facilitator Jessica Shields along with Purple Owl’s Tim Osborn to host a webinar on Managing Mental Health.

Mental health is a vital topic in the workplace, and it’s essential for business leaders to really take the time to understand how to lead their team’s wellbeing.

Here are some of the learning objectives of this webinar:
  • Factors which impact mental health in the workplace, including when working remotely
  • Understanding your own mental wellbeing and that of your team members
  • Ways to support team members
  • Tools and techniques on how to break down stigmas and misconceptions
  • How to embed a supportive mental health culture against other business priorities

You can view an entire recording of the webinar on YouTube below:

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