Leadership Development Programme

Leadership and having the right kind of leaders in the right place at the right time is essential for any organisation.

We ensure all leaders are aligned with the business vision, mission and objectives of your organisation. Additionally, we have the capability and capacity to drive the business forward and to support its initiatives.

For us there are many challenges and questions that leaders and managers should consider: where are skills best suited, are you fully equipped to lead, are you fully trained and supported, for whose gain are you leading, what does your future leadership look like.

Key Objectives

Linking development of your people to business vision

Establish a coherent, positive and consistent leadership culture

Maximise people’s development, growth and performance

Bespoke Programming

Purple Owl also have the capability to tailor our Leadership Development Programme to the unique needs of your business. This could involve face to face or virtual sessions, content specific to your organisation, as well as our innovative new option: the interactive e-learning platform Fluidbook.

Through thorough research, experience and best practice we have developed a series of learning interventions that will improve your organisation’s leadership culture and drive performance.

We pulled these learning interventions together to proudly offer our Leadership Development Programme. The programme has been specifically designed to give leaders a comprehensive and full-rounded learning experience, producing confident and capability leaders who can practically apply what they’ve learnt back in the workplace.

The programme takes a blended approach and consists of a combination of course modules, coaching sessions, assessments, psychometric testing; all supported by a digital learning platform.

Our programme will typically vary in length depending on your requirements and range – though not restricted – from between 6 and 18 months.

What's Included?

12 Training Modules – each of 2-days in
duration spread across the 12 months

Bespoke programmes can also be developed

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