How to Maximise Your ‘Home Working’ Potential Webinar Recording

At Purple Owl, we’re running a yearly series of webinars and open courses as part of our Leadership Development Programme.

Our third webinar of 2021 was on How to Maximise Your ‘Home Working’ Potential, and was led by Rick Poole, Personal Trainer from Maximise Potential, alongside Purple Owl’s Tim Osborn.

In this free training session we looked at how you can stay healthy whilst working at home. We took a practical look and provided some tips on how to do exactly this.

In the session we covered the following 4 topics:

  • Finding opportunities to keep moving (fitness)
  • Keeping your body mobile
  • Improving your strength will improve everything
  • Finding the correct nutrition to support your lifestyle

You can view an entire recording of the webinar on YouTube below:

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