Fluidbook E-Learning


We have partnered with Fluidbook to offer our programmes through Fluidbook. However, we can also convert any of your own documents into an online training asset, compatible with most Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

The content is enhanced with all kinds of interactions and animations, creating a dynamic and immersive eLearning scenario. Within a few days, your training is delivered as a ‘ready to use’ SCORM package, without any subscription or time limitations.

Why Fluidbook?

Fluidbook is a cross-platform experience that adapts to each screen size, platform and OS taking advantage of each device's unique capabilities. All the enhanced features work perfectly on any device, anytime and anywhere. Our solution is based on responsive web design and HTML standards, fully compatible with PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

It is essential to create a meaningful and memorable eLearning experience that corresponds to the needs and expectations of the learner. We design and implement eLearning scenarios using checkpoints, shortcuts and deep-links.

Deep-links and shortcuts assist the learner in finding the parts where their skills need refining or to skip parts they have already mastered. This saves valuable time and makes the learning journey less tedious. The possibilities are endless, and the solutions produced by our teams are tailored to your exact requirements.

The Enhancement
Possibilities are Endless

Animations and gamified content highlight and clarify the essential, making your content tell a story.

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