Driving and Managing Change Webinar Recording

At Purple Owl, we’re running a yearly series of online webinars and open courses as part of our Leadership Development Programme.

Our second webinar of 2021 was on Driving and Managing Change, and was led by our very own Tim Osborn.

At Purple Owl, we really believe that change management is an essential topic in the workplace. This webinar will be exploring the impact of how leaders manage and drive change, particularly remotely, as well as taking a practical look on how to best lead change and providing some useful tips.

In this webinar, Tim covers the following topics:

  • Understand the definition of change and change management within the workplace
  • Understand why change happens, how change happens and how to overcome resistance to change
  • Discover how to identify where people and organisations are at on their change journey​

See the recording of the webinar on YouTube below:

If you’re looking for more help on driving and managing change in your organisation, check out our course. Dates in February, available as part of our Leadership Development Programme.

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