Modern Leadership Skills: What Skills do Modern Leaders Need Now, and How Will That Change in the Future?

image shows five young leaders standing in a row

At Purple Owl, we work with a lot of modern leaders through our training and development programmes. And, because we spend a lot of our time designing learning interventions for modern leaders, we’re constantly engaged in thinking about what a modern leader looks like and what they need to know. So, that’s why we’ve written …

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Leadership Training: Looking Forward to The Next 5 Years

image shows two businesspeople at a table, one is wearing a VR headset

It’s hard to understate just how seismic the shift in the leadership training environment has been over the last 18 months. Obviously, the pandemic has had huge implications for workplaces and businesses across the country, with many moving to new ways of working or even overhauling their entire business model. In our last article we …

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Prioritisation and Time Management as a Business Leader – Infographic

Infographic transcription: For business leaders, prioritisation and time management is absolutely essential. 80% of business leaders in small businesses say they aren’t finding enough time to work on business strategy and management[1]. Even in large businesses, seemingly endless meetings, emails and chats can feel overwhelming. So how do you beat the crunch and add hours …

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How to Drive and Manage Change as a Business Leader

image of a chalk board with 'time for change' written on it

Change management might seem like it’s just the next in a long line of corporate buzzwords, but it’s actually a very real and powerful tool that can help transform your business. However, despite the prevalence of change management gurus and advice, many businesses are struggling to implement real lasting change. Part of the issue is …

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How to be a creative thinker, not a creative stinker!

image shows a metaphor for creative thinking, man in a shirt and tie leaning against a colourful lighbulb

In this blog, Purple Owl’s Director, Tim Osborn, reflects on his own creative process and gives you some tips on how to become a creative thinker. Renowned physician and psychologist Edward de Bono once said “Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength …

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