How to Drive and Manage Change as a Business Leader

image of a chalk board with 'time for change' written on it

Change management might seem like it’s just the next in a long line of corporate buzzwords, but it’s actually a very real and powerful tool that can help transform your business. However, despite the prevalence of change management gurus and advice, many businesses are struggling to implement real lasting change. Part of the issue is …

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How to be a creative thinker, not a creative stinker!

image shows a metaphor for creative thinking, man in a shirt and tie leaning against a colourful lighbulb

In this blog, Purple Owl’s Director, Tim Osborn, reflects on his own creative process and gives you some tips on how to become a creative thinker. Renowned physician and psychologist Edward de Bono once said “Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength …

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Leading Remotely for the Long Term:

5 key challenges and how to address them It may have been an unplanned move forced upon many thanks to the current pandemic, but working from home, to some degree or another, is here to stay. Whilst there was lots of advice shared in the early days of lockdown around how to lead remotely, much …

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