We have partnered with Syandus Inc. to offer our programmes through the AliveSim virtual practice and coaching platform. This combines 3D game technology with modern learning methodologies to allow learners to learn-by-doing safely, in a highly immersive environment. The result is effective skill transfer into the workplace. We can even take your own content and turn it into an immersive learning experience for your team.

Why AliveSim?

Knowing is not enough. There’s more to the learning continuum. To eliminate barriers to behaviour change, learners need to practice in real situations, in a safe environment, with expert coaching. Until now, practice was often omitted, or handled poorly in live events. With AliveSim, you can create immersive practice with expert coaching at scale, with both consistency and metrics.

Adult Learning Continuum

AliveSim: Virtual Practice and Personalised Learning

There’s nothing else like it.

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