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Purple Owl is more than just a provider of leadership courses.

Recognising that one size doesn’t fit all, we offer a consultative approach to learning and development. We’ll listen to what you need for your teams and can tailor a solution that will guarantee results. Whether you need some bespoke units, or simply to take advantage of our range of learning options, our experienced team can help steer you in the right direction.

We’re lucky to have some of the country’s top learning consultants on our team. Our core values drive our behaviours every day: we are passionate, empathetic, compassionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. With Tim Osborn at the helm, our learning solutions really are a cut above.

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Tim Osborn


You never stop learning; once you stop learning you stop completely. This is my basic philosophy for life. It ensures I stay focussed, am attentive to others and continue to improve as a person. My 5 core values are – Having Balance, Being Vicarious, Showing Empathy, Gaining Happiness and Living Contently.

My passion is (it might sound clichéd) seeing that ‘light-bulb’ moment in delegates. It’s the reason I chose L&D and it still gives me a buzz as it did 20 years ago. At the end of the day any learning intervention is about reaching learning objectives and that moment is a wonderful indicator.

All of my work and life experiences have allowed me to create a persona that I strive for in any classroom environment. However, a previous trainee in their feedback described it best – “Tim is relaxed, professional, interactive and informative; with a dose of humour”.


Chris Moore

Senior Learning Consultant

Chris has a particular interest in leadership development and mindfulness which he believes are the keys to business and personal development.

Chris is an accredited performance coach and specialises in helping individuals, teams and organisations achieve their potential and works closely with his clients, applying a pragmatic and flexible approach, and building long term relationships. He is motivated by a desire to see their businesses benefit from effect support always focusing on creating a measurable return on investment.

Chris has spent many years helping people develop in both the public and private sectors and has a passion for pragmatic and experiential training and is a very experienced facilitator of learning.

Alison Hendry-Butler

Senior Learning Consultant

Alison’s specialism in Leadership learning and development has the backbone and foundation of working in a variety of sectors: Finance, Banking, Retail, IT and Manufacturing.

Always leading and developing a team, Alison has grown businesses’ results through people development. She has led teams through business transformation and developed robust talent pipelines through coaching and investing in her people.

Alison possesses a natural talent and curiosity around people, building relationships with ease which encourages their readiness and desire to learn at all levels with an egalitarian approach. Alison executes the ability to challenge yet support in equal amounts ensuring that all interventions are focused on an impactful result for the business combined with a positive and motivating experience for the client.

Joanne Holland

Senior Learning Coordinator

With over 4 years of experience in learning and development, I have helped organisations in implementing their training planning successfully, ensuring that employees profit from their training programmes, which in turn has helped organisations in enhancing their productivity.

I love attention to detail and have an ability to multitask and work under pressure with a proven track record of organising and rolling out training programmes to both internal and external customers, at various global locations within scheduled timescales and budget restrictions.

A reliable problem-solver and analytical thinker, I possess great communication skills which allow me to build excellent rapport with employees and also engage with people at all levels.

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